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Year of Return- Adopt a baby?

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

Ok brothers and sisters in the diaspora, WELCOME to the land of gold. I am sure you are enjoying your stay since we have seen all over the internet that a record number of visitors are visiting the motherland. Trust me, there's a lot to eat and drink and make merry about aside the sob stories of the castles and viewing remnants of the slave trade. Just know Ghana is more than that with a a lot of business opportunities and endless number of businesses that you can invest time and effort in.

Now to return to the title of this post, lets say you are in Ghana touring and you have the urge to be the next Angelina Jolie in order to help a less privileged child have the joy of experiencing the limitless opportunities in your country. This article will give you just a gist of what to expect.

Can i adopt a child from Ghana as a foreigner?

Of course yes! This is referred to as inter country adoption. Just remember criminal records may gravely affect your chances.

Is the adoption process in Ghana easy?

Seriously? Is there anything easy? The Department of Social Welfare is in charge and you need to convince them thoroughly that to all intents and purposes, you are offering a better alternative to the prospective adopted child and not secretly trafficking for other purposes. The most important document to now kickstart the adoption in Ghana is the Home Study Report from your home country. Lets just say that this study must show that you are stable enough to adopt. This report can be acquired through the social services department in your home country conducting an official study.

Will i need to appear in court for this process at some point?

oh yes! the adoption process has a stage where a court order is necessary after the judge is satisfied with evidence presented.

Is the process expensive?

Every adoption is unique in its own way and a law firm is obliged to charge you according to the Ghana Bar Association scale of fees.

How long will it take?

Brace yourself for any eventuality, as every adoption is keenly monitored and patience is key.

So if the question of adoption crossed your mind during this year of return, remember these are a few key facts to note in taking your decisions.

If you have more questions or need help in decision making do not hesitate, kindly send us a message via or call +233302268484/+233244267080

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